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How to choose a location for a new hotel

How to Choose a Location For a New Hotel

Choosing the right location is key to the success of your new hotel. Although a large hotel can change the very nature of a street and neighborhood, the success of a small hotel is more likely to be impacted BY its surroundings. It is important to look closely at the neighborhood and beyond when considering your hotel’s location.  

Who are your customers?  

To know if the hotel’s location is right for you, a hotel entrepreneur must first ask «who are my customers?» and then «what do they want to be near to?» The right location for pleasure travelers may be very different from the right location for business travelers. Will your customers value being near downtown and the conference centers and event spaces where their business sends them? Will they be looking to enjoy the serene countryside and regional attractions? Will they be looking for recreation like skiing, the beach, lakes, or theme parks? Will they want access to the best restaurants and attractions the city has to offer? Regardless of the answers to these questions, it would help your customers if you were accessible to the local airport, train and bus stations, and car rental locations.  

The Neighborhood  

Start by looking at the closest potential neighbors and then move outwards. Are there high-quality businesses in the nearby area that either offer services your customers may want to use or that may even help you fill your rooms, like museums or banquet halls? If there are, do the legwork of talking to the owners about how they might partner with your new hotel to offer promotions to their customers.   Alternately, are there neighbors which might be a nuisance for some customers (ie nightclubs, casinos, bars) or that are entirely undesirable for travelers (ie abandoned lots, garbage dumps)? If you won’t be adding parking, is there parking available nearby at prices that won’t be prohibitive for your driving customers?  

Talk to Owners and Neighbors  

When you find a location that is for sale, don’t just speak to the owner. Speak to neighbors to hear what they know about the owner and the previous tenants at the location. Learning about this history can put you in a much better negotiating position when the time comes.   Also remember that you can renovate an appropriate building into a hotel rather than building from scratch. If tenants in a building look like their businesses are in bad shape, the landlord may be waiting for the right offer to come along to take over the space with a successful business. Look for these opportunities which may not have a «For Sale» or «For Rent» sign posted.

How to determine the owners of an alberta company

How To Determine The Owners Of An Alberta Company

If you are doing business with an Alberta company it might be advantageous for you to do what is called an «Alberta corporation search» sometimes called an «Alberta company search» or «Alberta corporate search», or an «Alberta Non-Profit Search» for Alberta non-profit companies. These searches can be obtained online from companies who specialize in legal searches.

There are different types of searches so it is very important when determining what search to have done that you ensure you are ordering the correct one. You would not want to do an Alberta name search or an Alberta Nuans search in order to determine information about a company. Nuans name searches are done to determine if a name is in use. Likewise you would not want to do a corporate search for a business, sole proprietorship or trade name. That would be considered an Alberta trade name search. If you have any question as to whether you are ordering the correct product send an email to the online service you wish to use first and let them know what information you are trying to determine about a corporation and they will direct you to which search you should be ordering. The reason why this is important is that the government charges different fees for different searches and therefore you want to ensure you order the correct product.

Alberta provides more information about a corporation when you purchase a corporate search than most other provinces which can be a benefit. In many of the provinces you will not be able to ascertain who the shareholders of a corporation are. The shareholders are the owners of the corporation. The directors are elected by the owners to handle the business affairs of the corporation and the officers are appointed by the directors to assist them with their duties.

An Alberta Corporation/Non-Profit Search will provide you with the following information:

1. corporation’s registered office address in Alberta;

2. names and addresses for all directors;

3. names and addresses of all shareholders and the percentage of ownership that each shareholder owns in the corporation;

4. the name of any other company that the corporation owns shares in;

5. confirmation that the corporation is up-to-date with its annual return filings and therefore in good standing with the government;

6. a list of all of the filings that the corporation has done to date and the dates of those filings which would include changes in its name, changes in its directors and/or changes in its address;

7. a breakdown of the share structure of the corporation which would tell you the types of shares that the corporation may issue, i.e. common, preferred;

8. the corporation’s Alberta access number which is the number which the Alberta government assigns to the corporation;

9. a list of all previous names of the corporation;

10. date of incorporation;

11. the nature of business if there are any restrictions; and

12. any restrictions on the corporation’s ability to transfer shares

The one thing that the Alberta government does not provide with an Alberta corporate search is the names of the officers of the corporation, however, frequently for smaller companies one or more of the directors will hold the standard position of President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.

Knowing the good custom notepads from the bad ones

Knowing The Good Custom Notepads From The Bad Ones

Doing a little notepad printing for business or personal reasons? Do you know what really good custom notepads look like or are you just going to let the notepad printing service decide all the options for you? If you really want to get the best custom notepads for business or for personal use, I recommend that you should first learn and discover what is good and what is bad in terms of notepad printing. Here are some pointers you should know.

  • Sometimes it is all in the binding – Sometimes the best and the worse notepads are determined by the binding. The fact is that good binding like those simple adhesives should always be not noticeable at all. If everything is clean and you do not even mind or think about how those notepad pages cling to each other, then you have a good notepad.
  • However, if you always see a tear in the binding, or there are always those red rubber or adhesive residues on the top of every notepad page, then that custom notepad is bad. It looks bad, and if you want to use that type of notepad for business, then you might give off a bad impression. So always try to get the best binding method for your custom notepads.
  • Paper quality impressions – Paper quality also says a lot in notepad printing. The better the paper is, the better people’s impressions are with the notepad, as well as the people who gave the notepads away. It is best to try using glossy paper for your business notepads, with certain special coatings like moisture resistant chemicals and tear resistant materials. As long as all notepad pages gleam with the light and looks clean and flat, then your notepad should look great and professional. Anything less than that, and it might just look like your average off the shelf notepad.
  • Paper-wide design elements – A good notepad will also have some nice and subtle design elements on a paper-wide or page-wide scale. A common example of this would be a light watermark or maybe a decorative border. Adding these subtle design elements changes the nature of the paper. Instead of people looking at a normal pad of paper, people will definitely see that the custom notepad is more special because of these design elements. It will look better and of course be more interesting to write on. So make sure you have these in your custom notepads make them good.
  • The all important letterhead – Finally all custom notepads must have a good letterhead. I recommend that you refrain from using those templates for letterheads in word processors and other desktop publishing software. It is best to create your own letterhead design for your custom notepads so that the notepad pages look more unique and of course customized. The best custom notepads always have letterheads in a particular distinctive style that is eye catching. Try to hire a professional layout artist to do it for you so that you can be sure that the letterhead can stand out and be noticed.

So more or less, you should now have a good idea of what bad and good custom notepads are. You should at least be able now to choose the best options that should make your notepad printing good and effective.

How to find good personal injury lawyer

How to Find Good Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury cases are commonly very receptive in nature, you have lost or injured a part of your body, and you must have the most excellent opportunity to get compensation. Here are five tips, using which you can stumble on the most excellent personal injury lawyer to represent your case.

  1. Search for an experienced lawyer specializing in personal injury cases: Personal injury law practice is a forte; look for lawyers who only practice such cases, not anything else. In large law firms, there is commonly a whole department committed to personal injury. First of all, go by referrals that you get from your friends, bar association, on the online listings, yellow pages or referral services. Go for a lawyer who is qualified. Your best stake will be someone more than the age of 30.
  1. Meet them all before committing: When you have picked out a few lawyers, meet up all of them with your case before selecting one. In your first convention, clarify your case to the lawyer. If he or she is a qualified lawyer; you’ll get to identify if you have a strong case, what time frame should you look at for settlement and what additional records/documents you’ll require. Moreover make an effort to identify regarding the payment structure and payment terms. Be ready, you may get rejected by lawyers too as a consequence of a lot of reasons.
  1. Choose a local lawyer: rather than appointing a reputed lawyer who has the offices in another city, it’s always good to employ a local personal injury lawyer. A local lawyer has a reputation to keep in the local community, therefore is likely to be more considerate and liable to you. You can arrive at their office and plan meetings with them more easily. They won’t be able to pay no heed to your phone calls either. Accordingly you’ll have healthier communication and the local attorney will be more comfortable and familiar with the courts in your city.
  1. Number of people involved in your case: If you select a large law firm, you’ll have a team of people working for you. The senior lawyer will allot the associates to prepare your case and handle the easier, usual facets of the case. While in small firms, lesser people are implicated, it’s easier to reach all of them through a phone call. Settle on the size of firm based on your comfort aspect, problems of the case and duration expected for the case.
  1. Do you like your lawyer? Last but not the least, you must like and be liked by your personal injury lawyer. These cases are very personal; therefore it’s essential for you to be open and comfortable with your lawyer. Consecutively, your lawyer must like you too, in order that there is no communication gap and you must identify with each other. Consequently, if you get positive feelings regarding a lawyer and he/she appears to be pleasant and worried for you, choose them!

Important features of business improvement programs

Important Features of Business Improvement Programs

There are various reliable training centers on the World Wide Web that allow business owners to actively participate to various professional Business Improvement Programs. Such professional training programs account for a wide range of features including business management, innovative sales and marketing strategies, as well as long-term business planning strategies. Solid Business Improvement Programs are aimed at debating both the basics and the subtleties of proper business management, accounting for all relevant aspects regarding profitability, the customer-employee relation, the development of strategies for achieving short-term and long-term goals and so on.

The extended curriculum provided by professional Business Improvement Programs renders such training courses appropriate for any business owner, regardless of the previous level of training in the branch. While inexperienced business owners can rapidly assimilate valuable information regarding proper business management and marketing solutions, well-trained business owners can further enhance their knowledge and acquire a set of innovative strategies for boosting the profitability and the longevity of their business.

A complete Business Improvement Program can actually guarantee success in virtually any type of business. Considering the fact that all businesses share similar characteristics, following common patterns of development, a reliable Business Improvement Program can enhance the potential of any business, regardless of its nature, size and market position. Structured on multiple levels, Business Improvement Programs rigorously explore and debate a wide range of subjects related to business planning, management, and development, familiarizing attendants with the entire process of running a business.

Professional Business Improvement Programs are taught by the best professionals in the branch, allowing attendants to acquire vital information regarding proper business management. The training programs are well-structured and contain comprehensive materials, stimulating and facilitating the process of learning. Unlike self-study oriented programs, professional Business Improvement Programs involve active participation, allowing attendants to interact with both «business coaches» and the other trainees. In addition, people who participate to Business Improvement Programs are encouraged to freely express their ideas and confront their opinions with other business owners. Business coaches offer prompt and extended feed-back, ensuring that all participants understand the issues discussed during the program.

It is important to note that Business Improvement Programs are not solely focused on theoretical courses. Professional programs often include seminaries and laboratories which are aimed at developing a set of practical, managerial, negotiation and interaction skills and abilities, crucial in the process of achieving and maintaining a successful business.

By attending to a professional Business Improvement Program, business owners can rapidly assimilate a complete set of knowledge and practical abilities, vital in the process of management. With the help of such training programs, business owners can effectively increase sales by implementing new marketing strategies and by attracting new potential customers to their business. Thanks to their proved efficiency and reliability, Business Improvement Programs are recommended by thousands of business owners worldwide!