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Income tax-filing information


Do i have to file return?

You must file a federal income tax return if you are a citizen or resident of the United States or a resident of Puerto Rico and you meet the filing requirements for any of the following categories that apply to you.

The filing requirements apply even if you do not owe tax.

1. Individuals—in general:

If you are a U.S. citizen or resident, you must file a return depends on three factors:

  • Your gross income,
  • Your filing status, and
  • Your age.

Gross income.  This includes all income you receive in the form of money, goods, property, and services that is not exempt from tax.

Filing status.  Your filing status depends on whether you are single or married and on your family situation. Your filing status is determined on the last day of your tax year, which is December 31 for most taxpayers.

Age.  If you are 65 or older at the end of the year, you generally can have a higher amount of gross income than other taxpayers before you must file. You are considered 65 on the day before your 65th birthday.

2. Dependents:

If you are a dependent See the above table to find out whether you must file a return.

Responsibility of parent.   Generally, a child is responsible for filing his or her own tax return and for paying any tax on the return. But if a dependent child who must file an income tax return cannot file it for any reason, such as age, then a parent, guardian, or other legally responsible person must file it for the child. If the child cannot sign the return, the parent or guardian must sign the child’s name followed by the words «By (your signature), parent for minor child.»

Child’s earnings. Amounts a child earns by performing services are his or her gross income. This is true even if under local law the child’s parents have the right to the earnings and may actually have received them. If the child does not pay the tax due on this income, the parent is liable for the tax.

3. Children under age 18:

If a child’s only income is interest and dividends (including capital gain distributions and Alaska Permanent Fund dividends) and certain other conditions are met, a parent can elect to include the child’s income on the parent’s return. If this election is made, the child does not have to file a return.

4. Self-employed persons:

You are self-employed if you:

  • Carry on a trade or business as a sole proprietor,
  • Are an independent contractor,
  • Are a member of a partnership, or
  • Are in business for yourself in any other way.

Self-employment can include work in addition to your regular full-time business activities, such as certain part-time work you do at home or in addition to your regular job.

5. Aliens:

Your status as an alien—resident, nonresident, or dual-status—determines whether and how you must file an income tax return.

Resident alien.  If you are a resident alien for the entire year, you must file a tax return following the same rules that apply to U.S. citizens. Use the forms discussed in this publication.

Nonresident alien.  If you are a nonresident alien, the rules and tax forms that apply to you are different from those that apply to U.S. citizens and resident aliens. See Publication 519 to find out if U.S. income tax laws apply to you and which forms you should file.

Dual-status taxpayer.  If you are a resident alien for part of the tax year and a nonresident alien for the rest of the year, you are a dual-status taxpayer. Different rules apply for each part of the year. For information on dual-status taxpayers, see Publication 519.

Who should file?

Even if you do not have to file, you should file a federal income tax return to get money back if any of the following conditions apply.

  1. You had federal income tax withheld from your pay or made estimated tax payments.
  2. You qualify for the earned income credit. See chapter 36 for more information.
  3. You qualify for the additional child tax credit. See chapter 34 for more information.
  4. You qualify for the health coverage tax credit. See chapter 37 for more information.
  5. You qualify for the refundable credit for prior year minimum tax

What if i made mistake?

Errors may delay your refund or result in notices being sent to you. If you discover an error, you can file an amended return or claim for refund.

You should correct your return if, after you have filed it, you find that:

  1. You did not report some income,
  2. You claimed deductions or credits you should not have claimed,
  3. You did not claim deductions or credits you could have claimed, or
  4. You should have claimed a different filing status. (Once you file a joint return, you cannot choose to file separate returns for that year after the due date of the return. However, an executor may be able to make this change for a deceased spouse.)

Improve your eyesight naturally

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!

You can actually make your eyesight improve naturally, without even having any special surgery, without wearing those UGLY Coke-Bottle glasses that meant to correct your vision and you won’t need the contact lenses, you can now correct eyesight and improve your eyesight naturally as well as stop your eyesight from deteriorating and getting worse.

I was very worried when my optometrist said that my eyesight has gotten worse by a whole 1 point and moved from — 2.5 to new — 3.5 in just a year! I was freaking out, the optometrist started recommending that I should get those Coke Bottle glasses that were supposedly would fix my eyesight and I was too young to have corrective eye surgery to improve my eyesight.

I heard sometime ago that I could make my eyesight improve naturally by following a few exercises and methods, that this would help correct my vision, strenghen my eye muscles and stop my eyesight from dropping naturally.

I started searching all over the internet to find those exercises that would make my eyesight improve naturally but I didn’t have much luck in finding anything that actually worked. I turned to online health forums and this is where someone has recommended to try a guide Called Vision Without Glasses.

I tried this guide and started following all the exercises described in it at least 4-5 times a day, those exercises would usually take 10-20 minutes, but I figured that this was a small investment to make my eyesight improve naturally so I continued on with the exercises for 7 months or so.

The results were more than amazing. My last visit to the optometrist was very funny, He was amazed too that my vision improved by almost 1 point back to — 2.5 and started to get steady and stopped to deteriorate and get worse.

He could not believe that I managed to correct my own eyesight naturally and would still deny that this could be possible. Don’t trust the optometrists on this issue, you can make your eyesight improve naturally as long as you continue to follow the special eye exercises found it the Vision Without Glasses Guide. I highly recommend this guide to you!

How can a virtual business help me survive the recession

How Can a Virtual Business Help Me Survive the Recession?

A question I get all the time is «How Can a Virtual Business Help Me Survive the Recession»?
Unemployment is not letting up, businesses are not hiring. The best way to survive the recession is to take advantage of the economic turmoil and start a business. Not just any business, but a virtual business.

The benefits of a virtual business are endless. To mention a few:

1. Low cost to entry
2. Speed to market
3. You can work from home
4. You can run your business remotely
5. You can hire virtual employees

Therefore the answer is, start a virtual business!

According to Entrepreneur.com, these are the 10 hottest trends to watch for 2010. Not all of them can be set up as 100% percent virtual businesses, but their entire back-office and operations can.

Here is the list:

1. Economic turmoil: Results from Challenger, Gray & Christmas’ job market index revealed that 8.7 percent of job seekers gained employment by starting their own businesses in second quarter 2009

2. Green Power: Thanks to government incentives and changing public sentiment, clean energy is the most popular kid on the green movement block. The stimulus plan poured billions into renewable energy.

3. The Senior Market: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the aging-services industry composed of home healthcare, elderly and disabled services and community care facilities for the elderly make up three of the top 10 industries with the fastest employment growth.

4. Discount Retail: In 2009, secondhand shops increased revenue by $223.3 million, according to Ibis World.

5. Local Businesses: Demand is exploding for locally grown and made a product—which means more support for mom-and-pop stores. The dividend: For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $68 comes back to the community. Only $43 re-circulates from national chain stores

6. Education: Huge numbers of people are going back to school—ducking the bad economy, retraining for new jobs, even reinventing themselves completely

7. Parental Outsourcing: Taking care of the kids, scrubbing the toilets, checking in on Mom, helping with homework, coaching Little League—more people than ever are paying professionals to do their domestic chores. The trend even has a name: Parental outsourcing.

8. Health and Wellness: Home care was the No. 1 growing industry from 2004 to 2009, averaging yearly increases of more than 7 percent, according to Ibis World. In-home care already employs a staggering 1.33 million people, and revenue is expected to grow beyond $72 billion by 2011.

9. Texas: Texas dominated 2009’s lists of best relocation destinations, home-building markets and job-creation cities. This very magazine also named Austin one of its own Best Cities for Small Businesses.

10. Affordable Alcohol: The alcoholic beverage industry has been growing steadily for the past three years and is expected to reach a record $455 billion in 2009.

You can see an example of a real sustainable, successful virtual business (100% virtual and paperless) at groupbenefitagency.com

Visit http://virtualbusinessdashboard.com to get the 20 insider secrets for starting your own virtual business on a shoestring and a video of the best business to start in this new economy.

How to properly care for your pool

How To Properly Care For Your Pool

Copyright (c) 2010 Michael Atma

A whole lot goes into owning a pool. There are many supplies and different kinds of equipment that you need to keep handy in order to maintain it properly. If you’re relatively unversed about how to go about maintaining your pool, it helps to connect with a reputable pool shop for assistance.
Summer is in full swing in Australia, and that can only mean one thing for many of us: pool time. If you own a pool, or are thinking about it, it is critical that you keep up on its maintenance so that it’s clean and safe for people to enjoy. After all, there’s no point in having a swimming pool if it’s not well maintained. Having the proper pool equipment is a huge part of maintaining your pool.

Keeping Your Pool Clean —
If you think that maintaining a pool is as simple as flipping a switch on its filter, think again. Even with the most advanced technology, owning a pool is going to involve a lot of work on your part. That work can be vastly simplified by owning the right kinds of supplies and equipment. As a pool owner, you’re going to need to keep a constant eye on chlorine and pH levels, make sure that the filter is working properly and perform regular cleaning from time to time. Are you ready to do all of that?

Do You Have The Right Stuff?
An unprepared pool owner isn’t going to have a usable pool. When chlorine or pH levels go awry, you’ll have to have a ready supply of the appropriate chemicals to correct the situation. That means that you’re going to have to keep a decent selection of things on hand in order to take the necessary steps, regardless of when they occur. Otherwise, your lovely pool will be unusable and will simply take up space.

Getting What You Need —
Contingent upon the experience you have in maintaining your own pool, you may or may not already know what to keep readily available at home. Reading up on the topic is one good way to get a feel for things, but paying a visit to your local pool shop is an even better idea. When you visit a local pool shop, you can let the staff know what kind of pool you have; from there, they can inform you about what sorts of things you should absolutely keep handy in order to maintain it properly.

Swim Every Day This Summer!
By keeping your pool in tiptop shape, you can enjoy it on every single fair-weather day this summer. It’s not difficult to get into the groove of things when it comes to your pool maintenance, particularly when you start going to a high quality pool shop. The more you learn around your pool maintenance, the more actually doing it will become like a natural and easy practice to you. There’s no doubt about it: Pool ownership can be a wonderful thing. You just need to be willing to devote the time and money to take care of it properly.

T199 dual sim wifi java tv iphone

iphone T199 dual sim wifi java TV iphone

iphoneT199 GSM+CDMA, wifi, java, 3.3-inch screen, 320*480 resolution ratio, gravity inducer accelerator, dual

1. mini iphone outlook, built-in gravity inducer
2. dual camera, dual sim, dual standby, can set background sound
3. 8 languages, support Java2.0, analog TV, wifi
LanguageChinese (Simplified),Chinese (Traditional),English,Russian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, German
LCD Size: 2.8 inch, 260 thousand color; PX: 240*320px LCD Size:
Ringtone: ; Ringtone format: mp3,mp4,midiMusic: play mp3 at background,equalizer???bluetooth stereo
Video: 3GP,MP4,AVI,can play full screen, auto horizonal
FM radio: FM stereo, can play outside with earphone
Camera: 13.0 lacpixel; support to shoot video with sound, the time depends on storage
 Rom: 2GB, Document management Data Transfer: USB cable/ card-reader/Bluetooth ( file transmission, voice, stereo)
Standby Photo: jpg,gif Main features Telephone directories: 800groups,incoming call ringtones,incoming groups,incoming call firewall
SMS & MMS: 160 messages, MMS
Schedule power on/off: support auto start/close
Alarm clock: 5 group setting,can set up from Monday toSunday at random
Games: 4classic game JAVA games
More information: MP3/MP4/Handsfree/Voice recorder/WAP/Radio/Bluetooth/GPRS download/MMS/E-book/E-dictionary/
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