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How to choose a collection agency — part one

How To Choose A Collection Agency — Part One

The type you choose depends on how much time, effort, and money you are willing to put in before you turn accounts over.  They fall into two broad categories:  Contingency Agencies & Fixed Fee Agencies.

Contingency Agencies

Contingency Agencies, so named because their fees are “contingent” upon collecting from debtors, typically charge anywhere from 20% to 50% of amounts recovered from patients.  The fee may be based on the age of the debts owed, but more typically is based on negotiations, with larger practices and practices with larger balances, able to negotiate lower charges.  Some have two tiered fees, depending on the age of the account when collected.

Age of Accounts

They tend to get accounts that are at least 6 months delinquent due to the fact no doctor wants to give up a 20% to 50% on income the he or she worked hard for.   If your accounts are over a year old, a contingency agency is your best bet.  At that point there is only a 10% chance anything will be collected.   If they collect nothing, you pay nothing


Contingency agencies are dependant upon human intervention with debtors.  Collectors typically are rewarded with a percentage of the agency’s share as a commission.  They are highly motivated to work accounts most likely to earn them the biggest reward for their efforts.  Elaborate “scoring” models have been developed to direct their efforts to those accounts.

Shopping For Price

Think you’re a great negotiator?  Choosing a contingency agency simply based on the fee they charge has pitfalls.  As you succeed in driving down their fee, rewards to the agency  (and collector) are lowered.  Your accounts may be ranked lower than another practice’s because the other practice is willing to pay more.   Taken to an extreme, an agency that charges only 20% may not collect much, if anything, while an agency that charges 50% might recover 30% of your past due balances.  Which is the better deal?  Note that according to the  American Collector’s Association’s  “2008 Benchmarking Survey” the average agency recovered only 13.8% of the dollars they were assigned to collect, due in large part to the age of the accounts assigned.

Industrial air compressors

Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial air compressors are important in the industrial and manufacturing regions. Industrial air compressors are often more powerful and more expensive than the ones you normally see in homes or for smaller jobs. These are good quality industrialgrade applications that are requirements in the industrial area.

Air compressors are standardly fueled by electricity or natural gas, although most industries use natural gas for their air compressors. Both energy sources are costly, but many conglomerates that use natural gas as a power source vastly drop their utility costs.

Many industrial areas take advantage of a twostage air compressor to fill their business requirements. These tworung compressors are intended for heavyduty jobs. These supply a greater level of air compression, as compared with littler and more compact models. The total of air compressed is significantly bigger than tinier models. They can also stockpile unutilized air for later utilization, are more energy efficient, and normally have a more complete shelf life due to their competence. Preservation is also less because it is not functioning as hard, so expenditures are reduced because of that.

High quality industrial air compressors must be licensed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). These must be certified to lock up workplace safety and responsibility concerns are accounted for. The best compressors supply features such as a safety valve to utilize in the case of extra air pressure in the component. The valve automatically releases air if there is an surplus of power. If this safety component is not utilized, users of the machine run the risk of causing an issue.

How business directory can be helpful to increase business

How Business Directory Can be Helpful to increase business

The business directory is a concept to communicate various businesses around the world in a single place. There are many business directories available on internet that helps users to find out the business in their local area and the business which they want.  You can get opportunity to find the business of your choice and in the location that is specified by you in a business directory. For the business owners, the business directory is a customer attracting tool. Business owners place promotion of their business to the business directory. General public will search for the services they want, and may find your business listing proper for them, by this way your business can grown more and more.

We are going to explore the advantages of business directory for the business owners. The facility of listing their business online is very nice for any business owners. There are many websites that provide you such facility for free or charging you affordable money. You can also get a chance to promote your own business to the world and get more sales and more profit.

The first advantage that you can find is to promote the advertisement of your business to the world! You can promote your ad to the global customers by placing it on the business directories. You can attract global public towards your business by listing your business to the business directory. You can upload each information about your company such as name, location, contact number, detailed description of your products and also prices of them. You can add information in a professional manner in the business directory.

Another good advantage is the targeted audience. You can categorize your business on the business directory. Choosing the appropriate category is important step in order to publish it on the web. If you choose wrong category, you may get more people to your business but they may not buy anything from you. Choose right category of your business when you place the information of your business on the internet business directory. Categorized listing will always give the right traffic of customers to your business and help you a lot to increase your business.

You can also post various promotional offers by your business on the web directory. When you promote offers, be sure to remove them when they are expired or you don’t have enough stock of the specified product. The promotional and selling offers are nice ways to attract buyers. Post various offers advertise on your listing of business directory and get more number of buyers to your business.

You can also keep track of the market by using the news alerts given by the business directory. Whenever something new is announced, you get information about it from the business directory. When you register to the business directory, the doors for your success are open for you! There are so man advantages offered by the business directory for you and you can utilize them in order to increase your business and earn more profit.

How to choose the best cribs and crib beddings

How to Choose the Best Cribs and Crib Beddings

crib beddingcrib bedding sets

Having a tot in your home is truly the most amazing feeling in the world. Of course, now that there is a little one you will have to think all about cribs. And this, of course, must be done before the little one arrives! Cribs and crib bedding and sheets and pillows – all these and more are stuff to think about before Mr. Stork makes a delivery your way. Do not fret, however, because even if there is a wide array of cribs out there your life will certainly be easier if you only have to choose from the best of the best. What you really should remember is that in a baby’s nursery, cribs and crib bedding are very crucial and important pieces.

This makes the baby’s sleeping hours relaxing and cozy, so you want to choose the best one. There are big cribs stores that sell many different kinds of crib bedding and cribs, so you are lucky to choose one to your liking. These contemporary cribs are carefully designed keeping in mind top quality craftsmanship along with style and the ever-important functional value.

When you choose the best cribs and the equally perfect crib bedding set, your baby will have a blissful time in lala land, curled up in the comfort of his very own nest. One great pick for cribs would be a crib sleeper. This is the latest range in stylish cribs and also affordable furniture. It comes with an adjustable mattress so you can probably fit most kinds of crib bedding into it – even those that were given as gifts from well-meaning aunties and uncles. And the best part about this crib is that it comes with a conversion kit. This conversion kit will help you adjust the entire furniture so that it can still work well for your child even up to his toddler years – turning the crib into a great toddler daybed! This certainly is the best style and value for your little one.

There are fixed side rails to this crib for better security and safety, so your little one will not end up rolling off the crib and onto the floor. Furthermore, there is enough space to accommodate even a standard mattress and corresponding crib bedding. It is made of top quality solid wood and also wood veneers. The varnish that was used on this particular piece is non-toxic, thus ensuring the safety of your child’s breathing. There are many different kinds of furniture that you will need to consider for your precious little baby’s first ever nursery, but this particular piece is the most important one. Once you select the crib bedding sets of your choice, you will then be able to focus your attention on the other pieces that make up the entire room.

This is because you know that you were able to successfully and triumphantly accomplish the most challenging task of all, which is choosing the place where the baby will sleep. As soon as you get this, you might end up with a problem-solving equipment for many years to come and for many other children that you might wish to bear later in life.

Indigestion therapy area pipeline report—aarkstore enterprise

Indigestion Therapy Area Pipeline Report—Aarkstore Enterprise

Indigestion Therapy Area Pipeline Report contains detailed information on the indigestion drug pipeline. This report provides insight into the pipeline status of indigestion drugs by company and by stage as well as a summary of the latest news and developments in this area.
Scope of the report:
Therapy Area Pipeline Report provides the user with real detail on drug pipelines, by company and by stage, for each specific therapy area. The latest news, by company, also ensures that each report is fresh and up-to-date.
In addition to new developments and disease specific pipeline projects, each report also contains extensive information in tabular format on a company’s full product pipeline and products by phase of development with regard to the therapy area.
Full pipeline details, by stage, are provided and include detailed product descriptions, information on partnering activity plus clinical trial intelligence. Each Therapy Area Pipeline Report also provides detail on the top 20 companies with products in the early stage of development and the top 20 companies with products in the late stage of development. Finally, each report also provides a comparison with other major indications in the disease hub based on Marketed Products vs. Pipeline Products.
Key benefits
• Understand a company’s strategic position by accessing detailed independent intelligence on its product pipeline for specific therapy areas.
• Keep track of your competitors and partners by better understanding their product pipeline.
• Monitor a company’s research effectiveness by determining pipeline depth and number of products in development by clinical phase for specific disease areas.
• Maintain a critical competitive advantage.

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