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How the rich get richer and how you can get richer too

How the rich get Richer and how you can get richer too

In the next couple of paragraphs  and until the end of this series, I will be revealing certain truths that would guarantee that you get richer that you are now. I am giving you full assurance that the information contained in this article will work for you, not just because it is working for me but also because it is already working for countless others. So if you are ready, seat back and get ready to be exposed.

In putting together this write up, I had to carry out some very extensive research and I was able to find out that aside every other thing, the rich get richer by using three very important ingredients. I call these ingredients OPI,OPM, OPT. OPI is short for “other peoples’ idea” and so you can guess the other two- “other peoples’ money ” and  “other peoples’ time”. Now that we have set the ball rounding and we are already in the mid field, let score a goal.


The truth about life is that ideas rule the world, Microsoft was first and idea before it became the source of income for the wealthiest man in the world. The idea to begin the social networking site facebook was an idea  but the idea because the source of income on Mark and the others. The point I am trying to hammer here is that the thing that makes you rich and increase your riches is the Ideas that you are willing to implement. I hear people say that they do not have an Idea of what to do but I wonder how this is possible.

Listen, when you feel you don’t have an idea look at other people for ideas, don’t get me wrong I am not trying to Imply that you are not capable of thinking out great ideas but if you are to be very objective even that idea that since like it was entirely your was most likely inspired by an event or occurrence that was not entirely your making, so why the hypocrisy? Now that I have given you some stroking, let me show you 5 ways to get ideas for other people without them even knowing it. If you are ready for this great revelation, then let your eyes more your mind to the next paragraph.

  1. Listen to yourself: A lot of times, we find that we are so engaged in activities that we find it very hard to even listen to ourselves. But in solitude you will find altitude. Talk to yourself and ‘borrow brain’ look inward think of all the things that you can do. Take a step further and write  something down.
  2. Listen to People: The first step to getting OPI is to listen to people, People will always have something to say, either verbally, in a blog, on an online community in a book and so one.  The catch here is that you must be willing to listen to people be hungry for information. Try to know a little about everything without looking like an information pest, people are generally put off by individuals that come on strong, take it easy and let people talk.
  3. Get Help: There are many things we can do if we put our minds to it, but the point here is that life is too short to learn everything by ourselves. Although you know how to design a website, it might not be a bad ideas to seat back and allow another person seat on the front row and do the job. In the process of seating at the back ground you are getting help, if you choose to be smart you would be learning some of what he know. Don’t be afraid  to get help when you need it, only cowards are afraid to get help.
  4. Start something: Most of  the inventions came as mistakes  of other inventions, for instance the microwave oven was stumbled upon mistakenly but it has found application in many  homes today. In the process of  doing something, stunting ideas will come your way. Stop seating down start with what you have. It time to move to the next point in this write up- OPM

Part two of this article will be uploaded next week but I would really love to read you comment so WRITE ON !

Learn from the great success stories in business

Learn from the Great Success Stories in Business

We are fighters, right? We all are. We fight, we fall, then we stand up and again, we fight. If you are running a business, you are running great risks, you have to be tough and you have to be more of a fighter. You fight everyday. You don’t know when you’ll fall and again you’ll have to stand up and fight again.

Well, if you fall too often, you are not a fighter, you are stupid. People keep talking stuff like I am a self made person and all such crap. Well, everyone in this world is self made. People have different styles of achieving success, some achieve success through hook other do it from crook and still others don’t ever achieve what they want.

Most of the people who have achieved great heights have just aimed for their target and they didn’t care whether they reach it by hook, by crook or by any other way which may not be invented in the world. And then they invented methods for everyone to follow.

Most of the businesses that come up every day fail, just because they don’t try to be different or they just are just to lazy. They don’t want to experiment. They don’t do anything for their business.

Some people have gone literally wild to achieve success in their business. Still there are people who don’t even try to copy these successes. They are too concerned about going through the motions and leave everything on destiny.

There are people in this world only who have gone against the trends to achieve great success in their businesses and they have become the case studies and stories for everyone to learn. There are books written on these case studies, these success stories. Super Biz Buzz is one such great book which features 50 amazing stories of successful business marketing. You can learn the strategies given in this book and copy them to your own business to achieve great success.

You got to be smart to be successful. Hard work, perseverance etc etc matter but only when you are taking smart decisions in first place. There are already some great examples left by some great people. So why reinvent the wheel. Be smart, no one cares how you achieved success. Its being successful that matters.

Internet business resources – 3 tips to use small and home based links

Internet Business Resources – 3 Tips to Use Small and Home Based Links

Internet Business Resources – 3 Tips to Use Small and Home Based Links

How do I find free e-commerce tips online? Your best internet business resources are right under your nose. On most web sites there are resource links on the side or the bottom of the page. Here are 3 tips to use small and home based links to enhance your profit margin.

1.    Ideas
When more than one mind is together, there can be a pot of gold.     One     person, no matter how smart, can’t think of everything. You will find ideas     for your marketing strategies, article subjects and sales tactics by visiting     these links.

2.    Resources
Find out where to find more information on you industry. Your best internet     business resources you will find with small and home based links are     worth a lot of money. For no cost, you can access legal to breaking news     at the click of your mouse if you set aside the time.

3.    Profit from Experience
Learn how to make money in your field from those who have been doing it     longer than you. Visit new links to get a view of how experienced owners     have made it selling online. What mistakes did they make that you can     avoid?

You may feel you are way too busy running your online world to take the time to check these internet business resources out. If you put out the time, maybe one or two hours a week, you will be amazed at the information you gain. You may even meet new friends in the process or create surprising sales.

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How companies go about offering students college jobs and conduct college recruiting

How Companies Go About Offering Students College Jobs And Conduct College Recruiting

Most companies send representatives to attend college recruiting fairs in order to offer talented students college jobs. These companies are working on the assumption that students who take up internships in their companies are much more likely to take up the offer of a job from them should the company decide that a particular student would make a valuable employee once they graduate.

Companies understand that, in the highly competitive markets of today, the most important asset that a company can have is its employees. Machinery and equipment can be replaced, but it is the ideas and creativity of employees that determine whether a company sinks or swims when times take a turn for the worse.

For students, college jobs in the form of internships are excellent opportunities for them to learn exactly what it takes to succeed in the working world and to have something impressive to add to their resumes. Students who have gone through internships are more in demand by companies because they have proven that they have the initiative and willpower to work while other students are having fun on their holidays. Also, companies only give the brightest and most talented students the opportunity to work as interns, so this is another point in the students’ favor.

Employers also appreciate the fact that students who take on college jobs are able to juggle their schoolwork, leisure time, and proper work simultaneously. Of course, you will also have to do well at your schoolwork in order to impress a potential employer, but you should have solid grades before you even consider taking up an internship anyway.

Companies that attend college recruiting fairs to offer students college jobs are also offering students an excellent form of leverage which they can use to obtain jobs in the future or even to apply for admission to other colleges for post-graduate studies. Many post-graduate programs require that applicants have work experience, and the experience gained from working college jobs certainly counts as such.

You should therefore not waste the opportunity that college recruiting fairs provides you with, and you should do your best to attract the attention of the company representatives at these college recruiting drives. There are also certain things that you can do in order to maximize your chances of being hired for college jobs.

The first is to present yourself well. You should dress appropriately and smartly, because as they say, people judge you based on their first impressions of you. You also need to be as knowledgeable as possible about the companies that are attending your college recruiting fair. This entails finding out which companies are going to be represented at the fair and doing research about their activities and their industries.

By arming yourself with such knowledge, you greatly increase the chances that you will be able to have a meaningful conversation with a recruiter, who will probably be impressed that you know as much as you do about their company and what it does. Companies appreciate such demonstrations of interest in what they are doing, and you will stand a better chance of securing college jobs than if you were to traipse into the college recruiting fair without having done any preparations at all.

Javafit – potential business opportunity

Javafit – Potential Business Opportunity?

What is it about MLM that attracts «different» products? Do companies just try the MLM business model to start, just to put their name out there? The companies know that if they make the opportunity good enough, the product doesn’t much matter to the network marketer. Most of «us» will sell anything. Well, I’m hear to say, that’s probably not so smart! In order for you to succeed in network marketing, you need to sell a product you believe in. A product that you can pretty much sell to anyone, and that anyone would actually want to use. I think I may have found one of those products!

The product is coffee. Who doesn’t drink coffee? The market is HUGE! This isn’t just any coffee though. It’s Javafit Coffee! Javafit puts viatmins and minerals in their coffee to make the unique and to serve a certain purpose. Let’s explore the 5 flavors, or «functions» as Javafit likes to call them.

  1. Original Roast – Nothing special about this one, although many people have said they love the taste
  2. Focus Plus Multi-Vitamins – Fortified gourmet coffee that helps you stay focused and fit – get the benefits of the brain-boosting ingredient, alpha-GPC, as well as energy and organ support from the essential vitamins and minerals
  3. Immune Plus Multi-Vitamins – Just what it sounds like – an immune booster that helps you stay healthy
  4. Energy Extreme 62 – contains a blend of gourmet coffee with four clinically-tested nutrients: garcinia cambogia with HCA or hydroxycitric acid, green tea extract with EGCG, an extra boost of caffeine (62 mg per serving) and niacin – Yum!
  5. Diet Plus 62 – Also.. just like it sounds, this is a diet drink, that doesn’t taste like one. With Diet Plus 62 you can increase your energy and lose weight, suppress your appetite and exercise longer

So now that we know the product, let’s get to the fun stuff. MONEY! After all, if we were in this to just sell coffee, we would go to a bulk food store. We are in it to make some green, and that is it. So how do you make money in this company? Well, pretty much the same way you make money in any MLM or direct sale company. You sell their product, and you recruit other people to sell their product. I want to focus on the recruitment part of this. Anyone can sell coffee, but if you want to make any serious cash, you need to learn to leverage other peoples work and time.

So what is the first thing you are going to do when you start with this company? You are going to make a list of everyone you know and try to sell coffee to them, and then you are going to pitch the business opportunity. Right? You are going to call all of your family members, and all of your friends, and some of them may buy some coffee, but 95% of them will say no to your business opportunity. What do you do then? Do you keep hounding them? Do you call them every day to ask them again? NO NO NO NO! Don’t do it. That is the fastest way to lose your friends, and have your family avoiding your phone calls! You do want to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner next year… Don’t you?