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How not to plan your company’s future — five common mistakes when identifying customer needs

How not to plan your Company’s Future — Five common mistakes when identifying customer needs?

How not to Plan your Company’s Future
5 common mistakes when identifying customer needs

By Jeff Mowatt

When managers plan their business strategies, common sense dictates that these game-plans should be in line with customer needs. The first step in planning is therefore to identify customer preferences. Unfortunately, most conventional approaches to determining customer needs are flawed. Here are five of the most common methods used to gather customer opinions along with their drawbacks. Keep these often-made mistakes in mind when planning your business strategy.

Mistake #1 — counting cash
One way to find out what customers think — indirectly at least — is to look at revenues. The assumption being that if revenues are increasing then customers must be happy. Dangerous. A repeat customer isn’t necessarily loyal. Customers may come back more by default than desire. If that’s the case, the moment your competitor finds a way to truly satisfy your customers, those repeat customers will abandon you. Or, if your team is providing support services to internal customers, you may be setting yourself up to be outsource. So, even though your revenues may indicate that you have happy customers, unless you do the research, you are potentially vulnerable. Business leaders whose companies endure are those who do not just assume that customers are happy, they create the right systems to know it.

Mistake #2 — counting complaints
Some managers assume that if they merely reduce the number of customer complaints, they are satisfying more customers. In reality, fewer complaints often mean that fewer customers are angry enough to complain. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy. When it comes to measuring complaints keep in mind your own experience when visiting a restaurant with mediocre service. It wasn’t bad enough to complain. But, it wasn’t good enough to bring you back. If the restaurant manager was only counting complaints as a measure of customer satisfaction, he or she’d be off track.

Mistake #3 — trust focus groups
A popular method of collecting customer information is using focus groups. This is where a manager or consultant gathers a group of customers and asks their opinions. Consultants often like focus groups because the information looks scientific and they can charge a fee for conducting them. It’s been my experience, however, that focus groups tell you a lot more about group-think than anything else. In virtually every focus group I’ve been asked to observe, opinion leaders in the group influence the responses of others. That alone renders focus groups practically useless in terms of finding out what individuals really think.

Mistake #4 — paid phone surveys
The most promising way of identifying preferences is to have a one-on-one conversation with the customer. The problem is that the conventional approach to interviews receives miserably low response rates. Imagine you’re at home one evening when the phone rings. An unfamiliar voice on the line says, «Hello Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so, we’re conducting a survey on…» You’re thinking, «Not again,» and end the conversation — click.

As an alternative, rather than using standard telephone surveying, the manager of the company uses a resource I often recommend to my clients -business students. Picture yourself again at home. The phone rings. When you answer, a youthful voice says, «Hi, I’m a business student at the local university. For my marketing class I’m doing a project where I’m conducting a survey on such and such.» You find yourself saying, «OK, kid, let’s make this quick.» Response rates soar. Bonus — students work for the price of Kraft Dinner!

Mistake #5 — trust high ratings
On a customer survey, you can ask, «Overall, are you satisfied with the service?» And you may get results that show that 96% said, «Yes.» But be careful how you interpret those results. This is where many managers assume that they’re getting an A+ score. Think of the question again; it asks if overall you are ‘satisfied.’ In other words, the survey is asking if the service is adequate. By responding ‘yes,’ customers are not saying that they were impressed or even pleased-merely that they were satisfied. It doesn’t mean they feel loyal. Imagine your sweetheart talking to a friend and describing you as being adequate. You’d probably see that as reason for concern! It certainly isn’t reason to think you’re getting an A+ performance rating. Yet, that’s exactly what so many managers think when they see a 96% customer-satisfaction rating.

The lesson is that managers need to stop interpreting high percentages the way we did in high school. If you have a 98% customer-satisfaction rating you may still have serious problems in customer loyalty. According to marketing research expert, Dr. Mike Heffring, «It has been shown that it’s the percentage of people who give you excellent or outstanding ratings (e.g., nine or ten on a ten-point scale) who matter. If you increase that percentage, then market share actually moves. If you don’t, then you may feel better if the percent satisfied goes up but the impact is insignificant.»

Identify what customers really think
In other words, when it comes to planning your corporate strategy, the focus becomes, What do managers need to do to shift customers from being ‘satisfied’ to being ‘delighted’? Just make sure as you do this, that you also ask yourself if your current information is telling you what your customers really think.

How to make money through the power of your voice

How to Make Money Through the Power of Your Voice

Copyright (c) 2009 James Roche

Fact: You will sell more when people know, like and trust you.

Fact: People trust you when they feel connected to you.

Fact: Your voice can reach out and connect with people more powerfully than your written words.

The power of sound can’t be underestimated…especially in your marketing. Your voice tells a lot about who you are. When people hear your voice, they connect with you at a much deeper level than if they just read your words.

That’s why integrating audio into your marketing helps you convert more visitors to sales. I’m about to show you how to use your voice in your marketing to increase conversions, generate more sales and grow your list.

For all the ideas below I recommend you use an inexpensive service called Audio Acrobat. Here are the three key ways to leverage your voice to make-money:

1. Use Audio on Your Website Landing Page

Your website is your gateway to connect with people. But most entrepreneurs miss this huge opportunity to develop trust. Instead of a static, boring landing page why not add an audio message from you? It’s like welcoming people into your home — greet them with enthusiasm.

Ask yourself what the single most important objective is for your landing page. What do you want people to do? Because your landing page needs to direct people to take some sort of action, like signing up for your Ezine or Special Report. Here’s a sample of the message I use on my landing page.

«Hey there it’s James Roche, The Info Product Guy calling in from beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida and if you’re looking for information on how to create info products and a marketing strategy that makes you money, you are in the right place. I’d like to give you FREE instant access to a couple things here. The first is my free Special Report — it’s called «3 Simple Secrets to Creating Info Products that Make You Money.» And I also want to give you a FREE subscription to my bi-monthly ezine that I publish. It’s called, «Info Marketing (…without thinking too hard!)» It’s got tons of great tips and strategies for you and your business. Just enter your name and email in the boxes below and I’ll send you all the details within 5 minutes via email.

So fill that in and click the button that say’s «Claim my report now» and I will see you on the next page.

I’m looking forward to giving you information that will change your business and change your life.»

2. Record Your Client Coaching Calls

If you’re a coach or consultant you can record all your client sessions and offer it to them as an added bonus. It’s a huge value to your client because they don’t have to take as many frantic notes during the call. It’s good for you because you can now offer an info product customized for each unique client.

For this service I recommend, Audio Acrobat it’s easy to record calls. As you start the call, place your client on hold and dial into your Audio Acrobat account (You don’t need two phone lines.) After the call simply go online to your account and a link to download the phone call is sitting there waiting for you. Finally, email this link to your client — it takes less than 3 minutes total.

3. Deliver and Record Teleclasses to Make Info Products

Just like you can make custom info products for your individual clients, you can also make info products for everyone by recording your teleclasses. Use the same method as above, except this time use a group conference line. Deliver your teleclass and within minutes you have the audio ready for you to sell online. It’s so fun!

When delivering a teleclass I recommend you stand up. You want your energy up. In fact, if you exaggerate your voice to be extra happy…the amazing thing is, it sounds normal in the recording. (And likewise, if you sound normal on the teleclass, you’ll sound dull on the recording.)

The power of your voice can make-you-money…IF you know how to leverage your voice the right way. Break the cold, distant barrier of the internet and reach out to people with the warmth of your own voice. As a final resource for you, if you have the ability to edit your own audio recordings you can add music to the front and back of every call.

If you own your own website, the chances are you are looking for a quality traffic software script that will generate lots of targeted traffic for your pages

increase targeted traffic web site

If you own your own website, the chances are you are looking for a quality traffic software script that will generate lots of targeted traffic for your pages. Believe it or not, getting traffic is not as difficult as you would imagine if you can generate enough quality back links to improve your Google ranking position. Obviously the higher you rank for your chosen keywords then the more traffic you will generate.

The most important thing about your back links as far as Google is concerned, is that the links come from a credible source. For example, links coming from a Google friendly information website will carry much more weight than links from a web directory, which is simply a catalogue of back links, and these links will typically be reciprocal links.

Backlinks are used in a means to generate more traffic to a particular website. People have come to find out that the more backlinks that you have on your site, the better traffic you can expect to obtain. More traffic equals out to more revenue in your pocket.

There is one piece of traffic software that has been designed to get back links to your website simply by submitting RSS feeds to quality RSS aggregator sites. The software to which I am referring is called The Web Traffic Genius and the program works almost completely on autopilot. Once you have set up the traffic software script, you can sit back and let the links build each time you make a post on your blog or launch a new page on your website.

Claims that.. «by using the Web Traffic Genius RSS software, you will quickly begin automatically generating powerful backlinks and build page rank to help rapidly build targeted traffic to your websites and blogs» and goes on to claim «This website traffic software works in any niche and will immediately send targeted web traffic to your website!»

The back links created by The Web Traffic Genius are obviously related to the theme of your website. This means that Google and other search engines will be able to use these back links to help you establish an powerful website presence on the Internet. The system is actually not that complicated, when you think about it. But it can be an extremely time-consuming task to carry out.

As you are probably aware, Google ranks all web pages 0 – 10 and this ‘score’ demonstrates how important Google sees that particular page. It is crucial then that the back links that you create to your website are coming from web pages that Google consider to be important in terms of their ranking score, and any back links that you obtain that are of a lower page rank than that of your own website can actually do more harm than good, which is where The Web Traffic Genius comes into its own.

This impressive traffic software program is designed to help you get the quality back links that you need, on autopilot and therefore saving countless hours searching for the opportunity to place a strong back link. The results in terms of position in Google search pages can be seen almost immediately, and The Web Traffic Genius comes with a bonus software program called Search Position Detective which will show you the Google search positions for any number of web pages, and any number of keywords. It will record your web page positions in graph display on a daily scale.

The Web Traffic Genius software comes in two formats. You get a stand-alone script for use with your main websites and a plug-in script for your WordPress blogs. Bonuses include Search Position Detective and an RSS Feed Creator script which will instantly create an RSS Feed for any or your web pages. The traffic software package is made complete by a set of excellent video tutorials which cover every aspect of installing and using The Web Traffic Genius.

If you are serious about your website, and its future success, the most important thing you should consider is ensuring that each of your web pages reach page one of the Google Search Engine, for all of your chosen keywords. Now that is easy to say but much harder to actually achieve. The Web Traffic Genius software makes this all possible for you, and in the shortest possible time.

One of the greatest things about the Web Traffic Genius software is you are able to generate backlinks without doing much work on your part. Trying to obtain backlinks on your own can be an extremely tiresome task. Many people simply do not have the time available to generate these links so they leave their site as is, and forget about it completely.

With Web Traffic Genius software that generates the backlinks for you, you can leave the qualms of having to get your backlinks on your own alone. There is finally Web Traffic Genius that has been designed that will work for you in your internet business, and help you increase the amount of traffic that your site generates.

The customer after sales service for The Web Traffic Genius is of a high standard with my emails being answered in under 24 hours, and the level of detail in the replies was excellent, which means that fewer questions need to be asked, thereby saving time with support requests. Almost all the information needed to install and use this software is included in the video tutorials.

The Web Traffic Genius has been designed and marketed by Anthony & Tim Buchalka, they were offering a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

Visit to read FREE report about this new RSS and Web Traffic Genius Backlinks Software.

Learn lucrative consultant

Learn Lucrative Consultant

Hey do you want to earn 1000$ in starting phase of online business? if yes then you just have to follow below 6 block formula right away.

Block 1 — Select Your Niche.

If you wish to be live in this killer competition then you have to find your target & interest based market. Do in-depth study on that targeted market.

Analyze market demand of your desire product & also use google to see the demand of your targeted product in market.

Once you do that then go for niche that has high demands & low competition.

Block 2 — Choose Your Passion.

You have to select target market on the basis of your passion & interest.

You can easily grab that market because you put your best efforts and try to achieve your goal.

Keep in mind that you spend most of your time for your business website. Spend time in developing strong content for site, product development & also satisfy your customer with strong service support.

If your business or selection of target market is not as per your passion then it’s very difficult for you to run & earn profitable income from it.

Block 3 — Design a Simple but Killer Website.

Make your site simple, fast & decent. Don’t spoil with unwanted graphics, flash & heavy design. Once your site is simple & decent then your customer automatically attract towards your site.

Block 4 — Stunning Website Copy.

You have to create copy of site that gives you more business. What you can do, don’t make copy that only tells about you & your company. You should provide valuable informative content on your site to attract your visitors.

Earn trust of your visitors and make ensure them to join with you. Put your best effort to convince them to buy your products.

Offer attractive bonus & discount to sell your products.

Let them clear their doubts about your products and service then only ask for credit card or payments. Don’t ask immediately.

Block 5 — Traffic, Traffic and More Traffic.

Once your site is ready for market then you just have to pull traffic towards your site. Use some tricks like article writing technique, login in forum discussion, go for pay per click business, do offline promotional, etc. Apply few techniques to get heavy traffic on your site.

Block 6 — Make Money at the Backend.

Main aim of based business home Internet is to earn killer money.

Apply various tactics of different gurus to sell quality product at low price. First offer law range product to your customer and once he will get satisfied then offer higher range product.

You can attain this trick on existing customers with the help of auto responder.

Apply above 6 formula honestly & you can see 1000$ in your pocket very soon.

How to buy international phone number

How To Buy International Phone Number

There are multiple benefits to having an international number with a carrier like Callcentric. You will have the bonus of being able to make free calls to people who have this carrier as well, so you don’t have to spend quite so much each month on your phone bill. There are many different rate plans that you can get to ensure that you don’t pay too much each month. You get exactly what you choose, so there are no hidden fees or complicated steps to paying your bill or using the service you signed up for. It is all very simple and straight-forward, designed for both individuals and businesspeople who need these kind of services to keep in touch with whoever they need to. In fact, more and more businesses are starting to look into getting international numbers, simply because of the number of clients they have that are located all over the world.

If you have family and friends that are abroad, then you will also want to think about the benefits of an international number, especially with a carrier like Callcentric that gives you the kind of every day service you need. It is important to take a look at what you will need to make these international phone calls for less than you have ever paid before. You will have to have a broadband internet connection, such as a cable line or DSL. This will ensure that all of the calls you make go as quickly and smoothly as possible. It will also ensure that your connection can handle the software installed on your computer that makes all of this possible for you.

Computer programs called «softphones» are required to run VoIP technology which enables you to make calls to people all over the world and receive phone calls from traditional numbers. They are sold many places, including on Callcentric’s website, so if you are interested, it’s highly recommended that you get started by choosing one. After you get your new international phone number and install the proper software, you will discover just how easy and cheap making these international calls can be.

Individuals aren’t the only ones who can enjoy Callcentric’s many features and plans. Call centers and calling card providers can also make use of these services for their customers. It is the perfect carrier for your needs, whether they are personal or professional in nature. The point is that with Callcentric, you get the quality of service you need when calling people around the world, along with the price that is reduced for your benefit. With more people than ever using this carrier, it means that your ability to make free calls to people increases, and nothing is better than cheap/free international calls and the best phone services available.