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Jet planes can travel faster than sound

Jet planes can travel faster than sound

The distance of about 150,000,000 kilometers, the sun is the earth’s most proximate star.   At over one hundred times the diameter of the earth, and at more than 360,000 times its mass, the sun’s enormity is hard to imagine. Providing the light and heat on earth, this huge star is the generator and maintainer of all life and all life processes on this planet. Newly noted are indications that a solar activity known as sunspots may have given rise to certain historical occurrences.

Appearing on the photosphere, the surface of the sun, and sometimes visible to the naked eyes, are sunspot’s, dark patches known to exist for at least 2,000 years, although first scientifically studied in the seventeenth century by Galileo. It was, in fact, from studying the movement of sunspots that Galileo was able to conclude that the sun was a sphere rotating on its axis. With his telescope he perceived that the sunspots, which moved daily in a westerly direction, seemed to move at a slower rate near the limb than near the center of the sun.

Examined through a telescope, the sunspots are seen to have a dark center or shadow, the umbra, surrounded by a lighter area, the penumbra. ‘ All this appears superimposed on the granulation of the photosphere. The granules, which make up the photosphere, are the main convection mechanism of surface energy transport from the interior, hotter areas of the sun. Most recent theorists have suggested that sunspots arise from a complex physical process determined by the uneven nature of solar rotation. Unlike the earth, which rotates at a constant rate all over the globe, the sun. a gaseous rather than a rigid body, docs not rotate uniformly. The equatorial regions rotate once every twenty-five days, while the polar regions take thirty-one days to complete one revolution. During this uneven rotation, magnetic lines of force get whipped up almost like cream being whipped in a bowl. Then centrifugal force, buoyancy, and turbulence further twist the lines of force and bring them to the surface, where they appear as sunspots.

Magnetic field intensities of up to 4,000 gauss have been recorded in the center of a sunspot. Often covering areas as large as :he earth itself, these powerful magnetic fields are in many cases :en times the size of the earth. The sunspots typically produce temperatures of about 8,500K, which is significantly cooler than the average photosphere temperature of 5,000 K. Very bright on their, sunspots only appear to be dark against the photosphere because they are 30 percent as bright as the sun’s surface.

Occurring mostly near the middle of the photosphere, sun-pots are predominantly a phenomenon of the middle and 3w latitudes. The number of sunspots intermittently varies somewhat. At different times there may be as many as a hundred f them all at once, or none at all. The life span of smaller sun-pots for the most part lasts less than a day, although larger ones away last a week or two and sometimes as long as a month.

Most interesting is the phenomenon of the 2-year average unstops cycle. It is not known what causes this periodicity, although recent theorists have proposed some convincing arguments placating Jupiter, with its 8-year solar rotation. It is suggest that this planet may be instrumental in inducing tidal action and unstops.Recorded also, however, are long periods of quiescence? the longest of which occurred over a seventy-five-year period.

It all has to match if you want to create the ideal business

It All Has to Match if You Want to Create the Ideal Business

Copyright (c) 2008 Fabienne Fredrickson

There are some solo-entrepreneurs that market ’til they’re blue in the face, and STILL don’t attract ideal, high-paying clients. They’re seemingly doing all the «right things»: they’ve got marketing materials, marketing plans, they’re speaking, networking, etc. and yet producing no real results. Yes, they have some clients. Yes, they’re making their bills. But they’re not seeing the kind of success they so desperate want. (Are you one of those?)

You might be wondering, «What is going on? What am I doing wrong?? I’m busting my chops, working like a dog, and yet my 1ncome is still NOT what I want it to be… in fact, not even close.» On the outside, everyone probably thinks you have a great business, but YOU know what’s really going on, especially financially. I actually hear this a lot. As I am working with higher level clients (people who have plenty of clients but not the business or 1ncome they really want to be making) I’m noticing that the marketing is only half the problem.

What’s usually happening is two things are getting in the way. Yes, the marketing needs to be tweaked or reworked. Usually, the target audience needs to be narrowed down or changed to a higher level client, and then inevitably, the marketing message needs to become clearer and more compelling. So, we work on that.

But most of the time, it’s something MUCH more drastic and destructive. It’s what’s going on INTERNALLY that’s botching your results: THE MINDSET. And I’ve come to realize that if the INSIDE is not matched to the OUTSIDE, then you won’t get the results you want. Period. Here’s what I mean:

There’s the OUTER game of Client Attraction: the marketing and the action and the behaviors.

Then, there’s the INNER game of Client Attraction: your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

If these do not match, there’s no way you can create the business you SAY you want. Here’s an example: Pretend Susan is a solo-entrepreneur and she’s been in business for almost 4 years. She’s networking, speaking locally, doing an ezine, and everything else she «should» be doing. She’s good at what she does, but she’s just not making the mo-ney she wants to make. Not even close. That’s when we examine her marketing and make tweaks.

But here’s the kicker: we ALSO look at the stuff under the surface too. When we probe deeper, we realize that one or more things aren’t in alignment with her big goal she says she wants:

The Thought: «I WANT TO MAKE $500,000 this year.»


The Action: SUBTLE SELF-SABOTAGE BEGINS TO HAPPEN, because deep down, Susan wants freedom and ease more than she wants the money. She may not think that consciously, but it’s very real on a subconscious level. And that translates into Susan not doing what it takes, not taking the actions or exhibiting the no-excuses behavior that would create a business that brings her that much mo-ney per year.

Essentially, what’s happening with Susan is that she’s driving with the brake on, and going nowhere fast. So, she steps on the gas pedal even more, but still not getting any results. It’s destructive, but most importantly, after a while, there’s going to be a shortage of gas and then the whole car will stop moving. She thinks she just wasn’t meant to be in business and packs it up to go back to working for someone else, feeling like a big failure and taking a blow to her self-esteem. For Susan to create the 1ncome she wants, all 3 need to match and be congruent.

The Thought must match the Feeling/Belief must match the Action and Behavior. If not, you’ll keep struggling, not knowing why it’s all so difficult.

It’s an insidious game and the worst part of it is, you usually don’t know this is going on! Worse, you may not be able to recognize the underlying limiting beliefs, fears and self-doubt that stops your behavior. The solution? Getting really clear on where you’re not being congruent.

This is BY FAR, my most effective thing to work on with a client or workshop participant. Why? Because when you change someone’s inner states (the INNER game of Client Attraction) you begin to immediately see an increase in their business and in their 1ncome. Quantum Leaps begin to happen and it’s as if the vice-grip that’s been holding back the success of your business is FINALLY RELEASED. And there’s just so much more easy and flow (and financial abundance pours in.)

I’ve seen it time and time around with my clients and Mastermind members. When we clear the GUNK, the mo-ney follows. I know from experience, because it happened to me. In fact, it keeps happening, over and over again. The more I work on my INNER game, the more I make. And it all becomes easier: I work less and make mo-re. That’s when you know you’re becoming more congruent.


If you’re feeling like you’re working really hard but not seeing RESULTS (either in your number of clients or in your re-venues) then it’s time to look at your INNER game of Client Attraction: your mindset. Notice the relationship between your thoughts about your goal, your feelings about achieving your goal and the actions you’re taking to reach that goal.

Are they congruent? Are they aligned? If not, then you’re going nowhere fast. Not until you get yourself a mindset breakthrough. That’s when the marketing breakthrough happens, which results in an 1ncome breakthrough. Once you create those breakthroughs, your business and your life will NEVER be the same. I guarantee it.

Importance team building training companies

Importance Team Building Training Companies

Team building is a complex matter that needs to address human psychology to build functional corporate sales teams or management teams to bring in more success to the companies. One important factor that can affect team building is the communication between team members and between superiors and subordinates. You may look for team building training companies that can address the underlying issues of performance by a corporate team. A team building training company professional can work with the HR department of the company and can sort out the issues needed to be solved. Lack of technical knowledge can be solved by proper HR training.

Companies of all sizes today are aware of the importance of team building. But the increased awareness has also created an overuse of the terms team building and corporate team building companies. A team is usually a group of persons working towards a single goal — in a corporate environment it can be more sales, development of new technology, or maintaining a good relation with customers. There can be different teams in the same organization. Efficient team leaders can motivate team members to fast forward to results or goals. If you have a team of 10 or 500 members, you still need to build a good team out of the crowd. Team building training companies design and develop variety of team building games and team building activities that systematically induce various elements of team work like better interpersonal communication, setting aside egos, reliability, trust and willingness to work towards common goals.

Team building activities and team building games are facilitated under professional facilitators who have the knowledge about human psychology and the intricacies of team building. Professional teams building training companies have such facilitators who know how to develop team-building concepts to ensure better teamwork and participation from team members.

While you are looking for such a professional team building training company that gets the work done while having fun, you can contact The Team Builders Pro. TheTeamBuildersPro.com is a team building training company that gives team building training to employees. Before start the team building activities or team building events, the prevailing issues are sorted out with the HR managers. This will help to design apt team building training activities suited for the specific team.

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Ladder inspection – how to assess safety

Ladder Inspection – How to Assess Safety

Ladders are responsible for hundreds of injuries each year. Most of them would have been preventable if proper guidance and usage was followed and many others could also have been prevented if the ladders were inspected before they were used.

Faulty, damaged or bent ladders are responsible for a large proportion of the accidents that occur when working at height. And ensuring that equipment is checked before use is not only sensible it is now part of European guidance and proper risk assessment procedures.

Choosing the Right Ladder

The first consideration when inspecting any piece of equipment is to ask yourself if it is the right tool for the job. Often the wrong ladder is one of the reasons for accident and injury and it is important to use the correct one when you have to work at height.

Here are some of the different types of ladder:

  • Leaning ladders – used against a wall of other vertical surface. Often extendible, these extension ladders are commonly used outdoors and can extend to several times their original length.
  • Step-ladders – more commonly used indoors these are often used for working on ceilings. The step can provide a good platform for tools and for working on.
  • Roof ladder – Suspended from roofs these ladders are for working down to a height rather than up.

Ladders are safe if used correctly


The next thing to assess is the structural integrity of the ladder. Ensure there are no bends, buckling or misshapen rungs. Then check for any cracks or splinters in the metal. Pay particular attention to where the rungs are attached to the uprights. Check the rungs are all secure and don;t move.

Next check the base of the ladder. If there are rubber feet, ensure they are not worn and they are flat. Often when a ladder has been used in an uneven surface the feet can wear on one side causing it to be unstable so it is time to replace it.


If any damage or faults are found on the ladder it is important that you ensure that the ladder is not used. Not only by yourself but also by anyone else. It should be clearly signed and taped and the damage should be reported as soon as possible and under any circumstances – Never use a damaged ladder.

How to turn one-off customers into long-term clients

How to Turn One-off Customers Into Long-term Clients

Business relationships are not that different from personal relationships because in both situations, people prefer to deal with someone they like.

However, you can’t move from being a stranger straight to being a best friend or customer.

So it’s important to put at least as much effort into your plans for keeping in touch with existing customers as you do for attracting new ones.

One of the main advantages of developing long-term relationships is that it’s typically six times more costly to sell to someone new than to an existing customer.

But, of course, it’s one thing to know the value of building long-term relationships and another to follow the steps required in order to do so.

Here are seven steps to turning one-off customers into valuable client relationships.

1. Concentrate on getting the second sale

Ultimately, people are only customers if they buy from you regularly. And many people will buy from you once and never again. So, to turn someone into a genuine client, the most important thing is getting the second sale from a new customer — and getting it as soon as possible. Following the second sale, you are more likely to keep them as a long-term customer.

2. Always act in their best interests

According to Kevin Hogan’s book ‘Psychology of Persuasion’, people are more likely to do what you ask if they believe you have their best interests in mind. This is the ‘Law of Friends’. So, to build a business relationship, you need to show clients that you are looking after their interests. You can normally only do that over a few weeks or years, in the same way as in a personal relationship. One step is to stop worrying about getting clients to like you and focus on looking after them. As ‘Built to Last’ author Jim Collins says: «Don’t be interesting. Be interested.» That helps you think of them as individuals.

3. Keep in touch regularly

You can build trust through a regular newsletter which gives valuable information — rather than simply promoting your services. You can also build regular contact through articles, podcasts and teleseminars.

4. Make your contact personal

To make your contact with customers personal, you need to learn about them. You can start by just listening to them — for example by posting a survey on your website or sending out a customer questionnaire. The more you know about their likes and dislikes, the more personal you can make your services — for example sending them clippings you know will interest them or recognizing their personal achievements and family events.

5. Recognize that satisfaction is not enough

People will not stay with you and build a long-term relationship because they are satisfied. They expect that. You need to deliver exceptional service — some describe it as ‘customer bliss’. You need to go beyond what they expect — give them even more; care about them more than they are used to being cared about.

6. Ask your customers to help you

Once you have built a good relationship, you’ll often get help from your customers. For example, they’ll give you feedback on what needs improved or they’ll provide referrals and testimonials to use promoting your services. And, not only that, the laws of psychology mean they are more likely to buy from you again after they have helped you in some way.

7. Focus on your most profitable customers

Typically you will find that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers. So you need to understand which 20% are most profitable by looking at the Lifetime Customer Value, which is the total amount somebody would spend with you over their time with you as a customer.

Building long-term relationships is no easier in business than in your personal life. But it can be extremely rewarding.