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How unique business cards can better your small business

How Unique Business Cards Can Better Your Small Business

When it comes to evaluating their use as a basic marketing tool that can bring important attention to your company, the effectiveness of standard business cards is well established. Although business cards can be a very effective marketing tool, more effort needs to be made to make business cards unique so that they will stand out above the crowd of standard, basic cards that are prominent.

Creating a unique business card can further your brand recognition and increase the trust that customers have for your organization. However, there are many pitfalls when it comes to designing a unique card, as the great reward that comes with a successful card is matched by risk in that the card could fall flat with many individuals. Be sure to follow these simple rules when working to achieve specific goals with a unique business card.

Creating brand recognition is one of the benefits of a unique business card. Going all out in creating brand recognition can draw immense attention to your card and your business, and make it very memorable. Standard, basic business cards that are often used will generally feature a picture of the company’s logo, and maybe have a slogan on it to help consumers recognize the brand.

By creating a unique business card, you are creating a unique identity for your brand. Be sure, however, to keep in mind what would be accepted as “professional” in your field. Being unique is great, but that trait must be kept in check by professionalism, or the idea will fall apart. From there, do not just settle for simply a logo and a slogan, create a company color scheme.

Everything that comes out of your business, be it products or letterhead, should feature the same three or four unified colors. Think about popular brands and major corporations, the vast majority of these businesses have colors that you associate with them. Settle on colors that go well with your logo and are representative of your personal vision for the company, and use that to further establish your brand. Also decide on an artistic style that you will use to unify those colors, your logo, any geometric designs or basic templates that you use on the card. Even the font type and size should fit within the limitations of that style.

Another way to increase brand recognition through your business card is to change the shape or material of your card to express what you do as a company. For instance, a metalworking company could design a card made out of light metal with all the important details engraved in it. In order to stand out, some companies opt for a square business card instead of a rectangular one. This unique presentation may be just the thing that will make it stand out from all of the other companies. Make sure that every element of your card (the logo, color, text, shape and size) reinforces the identity of your brand while remaining professional. If this can be done your brand identity will be brought more into focus and should be easier to remember.

Developing the trust of potential customers is just as important as gaining brand recognition. It can be difficult for a small business to compete with the established reputations of larger corporations. Finding a way to personally gain the trust of consumers is a pursuit which should be integrated into all marketing efforts.

Though a unique business card can help individuals remember your company, it is less likely gain trust, unless your brand is well established. Trust can begin to be cultivated, however, by turning your basic business card into an abbreviated version of your resume. By choosing a few of your most important credentials and putting them on your card shows any prospective customer your personal history, and a few good reasons why they should trust you. Adding this information helps to make you more transparent to the consumers, and in doing so makes you and your business seem personal, human and trustworthy.

A personal touch and a local presence are among the more common reasons why small businesses are attractive to many over large establishments. A business card that takes steps to create this trust can do wonders. A few important details in the bottom corner of the card, or perhaps on the back, is a good place to start. Otherwise keep things very basic, because too much art and text will make the card seem cluttered.

Unique business cards are a great way to set your company apart from the myriad of other businesses that offer similar services. A good card can increase brand recognition or work to create trust. Maintain the highest standards of professionalism, stand out from the crowd with a unique business card, and you will be well on your way to creating a brand identify and gaining the trust of consumers.

How to maintain sales motivation in an uncertain economy

How to Maintain Sales Motivation in an Uncertain Economy

Maintaining sales motivation in an uncertain economy is tough when we become a product of that environment. As the world is discussing the downturn in the economy more and more, we are also attracting a downturn in our behaviors. We spend less, do less and wait it out. That is the wrong thing to do!

Wake up! Refuse to be part of any negative environment or uncertain economy. It will only bring you down. It will change your beliefs, your attitude, the way you feel, the actions you take and the results you get. You need to maintain your sales motivation and sales results.

You are a professional and have to maintain professionalism in all that you do. That means, to keep doing what you have always done, and when the going gets tough, the tough get going and do more. That is sales motivation.

This is not the time to slow down, or to waste time discussing the economy. It is time to step up and do more! This is the time of opportunity. It is not the economy that will or will not give you the results you are looking for.

It is your attitude towards the economy and the behavior! That you demonstrate on a daily basis. Your attitude and your behavior is your motivation towards sales results.

You attitude stems from your beliefs. What do you believe about today’s economy? How long do you think it will last? How do you think customers will react to your products and services during this downturn? And most importantly, how will you react?

Your answers to these questions above will determine your level of sales professional motivation. If you believe that this is the time of opportunity — opportunity to sell more, as your competition downsizes, opportunity to hire highly skilled labor, as they are being let go, or opportunity to expand as prices fall, you will gain positive results. However, the opposite is also true.

Be aware of your beliefs as they will affect your attitude and behaviors. If you maintain a positive attitude, your actions will be demonstrated in your behaviors and will attract positive results. Sales motivation starts with your beliefs and ends with your reactions to those beliefs

Believe in who you are, and what you do. Believe in your organization, it’s products and services, team members and the market your sell into. Believe there is opportunity out there and you will find it.

Be disciplined, continue to do what you have to do, even when you do not want to do it and you will maintain sales motivation, in certain and uncertain economies.

Htc t5353 wifi gps touch screen cheapest smart phone

HTC T5353 WiFi GPS Touch screen cheapest Smart Phone

HTC T5353 mobile phone Support  language:English, Chinese, Spanish.
 -Special Function: GPS,JAVA 2.0, WI-FI, Gravity sensor, Auto Horizontal Screen . 
 -Mobile standard:Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 GSM(support EDGE).you can use the phone worldwide 
 -GPS: built-in GPS navigation, adopts the SIRT star navigation chip, GPS voice navigation software and map not included,But you can DL from internet.
 -WiFi :Yes, 802.11b/g
 -JAVA: MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.1
 -System WindowsMobile 6.1 Professional
 -FM Radio
 -Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR
 -The main screen size :3.2 inches 240 — 400 pixels (WQVGA), Touch Screen,Digital zoom

 -Processor: Hisilicon K3 533MHz
 -Memory capacity : 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM, can expansion of 8GB or 16GB.
 -Built In Memory:Come with 2GB Micro SD
 -1650 milliamperes when the standard Li-ion battery, travel charger, data cable, stereo headphones, manual
 -Color :deep-gun color
 -Size :107.85mm x 53.1mm x 13.7mm 
 -Weight :117.5g (without batteries)
 -Long Talk time:240~360 minutes 
 -Long Standby time:150~240 hours
 -E book&Doctment:Support Office Mobile( including Excel Mobile, Word Mobile, PowerPoint, Word Mobile) ,Adobe Reader,
 -Music player:surpport  MP3 WMA WAV AAC format
 -Video player:surpport 3GP,MP4,AVI,ASF,WMV,RM  format
 -PictureViewer: jpg ,png ,gif, bmp and so on.
 -Ring type:64 Polyphonic Ring tones ; Ring tone format: MP3, MP4, MIDI, WAV, AMR
 -Camera:3.2 mega pixel camera for Picture (2048 x 1536) & Video capability, the front camera is only a  decorative, not a real . please notice!!!
 -Phone Book Directories:Up to 10000 entries on phone
 -Massage: Support SMS, MMS,No limit
 -Single SIM Card Slot
 -Game platform: PPC JAVA 
 -Other Function: Calendar, Multi-Alarm Clock, World Clock, Memo, Stopwatch, Calculator, Unit Converter, Currency Converter, Slide Show and so on.
HTC T5353 cell phone Package Windows Mobile 6.1 Professioinal features including:
 -A new version of Office called ‘Office Mobile’ 
 -PowerPoint mobile has finally been added 
 -Excel Mobile adds graphing capability 
 -Word Mobile adds tables and graphics insertion 
 -Windows Media Player Mobile 
 -Photo caller ID 
 -Picture and Video package, which converges the management of videos and pictures 
 -Enhanced Bluetooth support, Support External GPS 
 -Microsoft Exchange Server «push» functionality improvements 
 -QWERTY keyboard-support is included by default 
 -Error reporting facility similar to that present in desktop and server Windows systems 
 -ActiveSync 4.x, promising 10“15% increased speed on syncronization                              — can upgrade the 6.1.5 system, CPU : Qua 1Comm MSM 7200A 528MHZ
Package content:
 -1 X Cell Phone
 -1 X 1650mAh Li-ion Batteries  
 -1 X Battery Charger 
 -1 X Stereo Earphones 
 -1 X USB Date Cable 
 -1 X Stylus Pen 
 -1 X manual

Is your investing a business or just a hobby

Is Your Investing A Business Or Just A Hobby?

I’m constantly teaching and sharing the concept of building a business around your wealth. What does this mean? Let’s start with a little background. Historically, all great fortunes have been built in business. Whether it was Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, all great fortunes have business as their foundation. You really don’t hear about great fortunes being made by investors. Ever wonder why? It’s because business done right provides the most leverage, greatest velocity, and least amount of risk of any money-making activity. Why do some businesses grow and grow while others seem to hit a ceiling which they can’t grow? The answer to this question lies in the foundation of the business. Small businesses stay small when the owner spends his or her time running the business. Effectively, these people own their job. They have no time to work on the business because they are always working in the business. The key is how to get the owner out of the business operations and focused on the business growth. The answer is for the business to create a strategy and a set of systems that implement that strategy. Then, and only then, will the business owner have time to grow the business. When the strategy and systems are in place, the owner only has to manage the systems, not the people. The owner isn’t doing the work, the employees and other team members are doing the work. What does this have to do with investing? I have discovered that the business principles of strategy and systems can be applied to investing. Investors who create a business of investing, by developing a strategy and implementing systems, can enjoy the same results enjoyed by a successful business owner, i.e., higher profits, more growth, less time spent on investing, total control over their investing and less risk. Is your investing a business or just a hobby? Think about your investing. Do you run it like a business? Or, do you run it like a hobby? Investors who run their investing like a business have: A clear written strategy Mission, vision and values Systems in place to make investing fast, efficient and in line with the strategy A team of advisors Reporting to tell them their net worth or cash flow at any given minute Both informal and formal agreements with their customers and vendors The list goes on and on. How does your investing activity stack up? Are you ready to build a business around your wealth?

How you can save on energy business dallas texas

How You Can Save On Energy Business Dallas Texas

Of Course, the cost for electricity are rising every year. There seems to be more than one justification to learn about DIY energy generating systems. Besides the reality that power is steadily more cost prohibitive, that a substantial junction can cease working at any moment for over consumption and turn your entire area in boundlessgrey-outs, and the fact that our nation have to change to greener remedies for ecological safety of the entire earth, we should think of the option to convert to eco-friendly, the eco-friendly power also know as off grid energy.

What about Gas Powered Generators?

Attention: I would not even think of purchasing a propane energy generator. Many people have tried it, it doesn’t save any money, it’s a source of noise pollution, and its day to day costs will cut a big piece of your resources. So you’d better rethink that idea.

The Choices

Right on time, there is an other side to that: and that is DIY source of electricity. You should have something about solar created electricity and wind turbine generated energy. Incidentally, are you aware that your electricity supplier will even pay you for installing home made electricity equipment? Also, you can build a PV panel yourself. In doing so, you can synthesize power yourself!

Not As Hard As It Sounds!

Its not that hard to synthesize energy at home. As anticipated, you expect to have to investa large amount of effort in the research of how to complete that. Invest time to learn about your alternative electricity, and familiarize yourself with terms like: solar power cells, wind generator, power inverter, wind power , windmill blades, Photo-Voltaic panel, etc.

What will be the cost?

Believe it or not, you can build your own electricity kit with a minimum of material, and have your own renewable electricity, save cash on excessive electrical bills, create your own energy, even generate appreciation from people you know, and save a chunk on your energy bill, obviously.

In Conclusion

You are beholden to your wallet: Save dough on your bill, preserve the earth, and even get a respectable return on your money quickly. Start deliberating seriously about converting your ineffective public utility source and supplant it with a inviolable, green, independent utility setup. If you want to save money, just go free market.