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Laptop battery- an indispensable component for your laptop

Laptop Battery- an Indispensable Component for Your Laptop

Battery is what works as powerhouse for all electronic gadgets including laptops, camcorders and IPods. These batteries supply electrical energy which makes laptops work for you. This battery is manufactured keeping in mind the facets of portability just like watch battery and somewhat like car battery so that it can withstand the operating conditions properly.

Sound laptop batteries generally last for more than 5 years and that too depending upon the factors like programs you are running and power needs of your system. But many times it happens that you forget to charge your laptop battery and resultantly, you cannot work upon laptop unless you substitute it with replacement battery.

When you are contemplating to buy laptop battery, you will be normally having perhaps not more than two battery options. But before buying it, you must consider about the technology used and make sure it is absolutely efficient for your laptop.

Kinds of laptop batteries

There are different kinds of laptop batteries available that can be used in your computer. Some of these kinds are listed below:

· The NiCad battery or nickel cadmium battery is generally used in virtually every laptop. This battery can be charged for limited number of times and can work for longer hours in comparison with other batteries like nickel hydride among others. But you have to be cautious every time as you have to charge it before it goes dead. This is because once it goes dead; you will be crippled as it has no back up option available with this.

· Nickel hydride battery: this is another battery option available with you. This is an extension of technology in batteries as it can hold more power back up in comparison with the previous alternative. It has better memory effect as you can reoperate it after it becomes used up.

· Nickel ion battery: this is far more superior battery and can hold greater power back up than rest of the available options. The best part about these batteries is that it supports multiple kinds of batteries in the laptop system.

Ways to improve battery life

You can opt for any of these options for your laptop, but it is imperative to learn about techniques using which you can improve the performance as well as life of your battery system. Following are listed some of these top rated techniques:

? Conditioning: this technique simply means first of all, completely discharging the battery and thereafter, fully charging it. This practice has to be undertaken around at least twice a week in order to retain full capacity of laptop battery for longer span of time.

? You should refrain from the habit of storing your laptop battery below 50 ??F or above the levels of 95??F. In other words, you should avoid leaving your laptop battery either in car of storage room where you do not have stable climate control.

? In order to extend the usability, you must discharge the battery by about 50% capacity in around 3 years.

These top most valuable techniques can certainly help you in getting better accessibility with the same laptop battery for longer time period.

Inexpensive advertising tips for online businesses

Inexpensive Advertising Tips For Online Businesses

When you own a business, you know that advertising is something you have to focus on to make sure that you are getting as much traffic to your website as possible. If you are trying to advertise your online business, you want to be sure that this is something you can do. One of the best ways that you can advertise is to find ways to do it without spending too much money.

Advertising Tips

There are several ways that you can advertise inexpensively. There are a lot of free advertising that you can get. If you have an online business, this can be even easier, as long as you are willing to take the time to do it. If you can go to chat rooms, blogs, or other interesting places and keep your website or your business name as your signature, or you can write articles and submit them. Even if that is only seen by a few people it is still a free way to advertise. You can also post your name on various threads and in various places that will allow you to post your website.

Advertising online is usually very cheap. The key is to find the places online where lots of your prospects are going to go. In order to do this, you have to be sure that you know who your demographic is and who is going to want to buy your products or services. This might require some work on your part. Once you have identified who the people are that are going to buy your products, you can advertise on these sites, quite easily and generate more traffic.

Another way to advertise cheaply is by word of mouth. This might require you to be online for a long time. Simply going to sites, talking about your business and participating in online forums is a good way to let people know about your business. This is something that requires time and energy, but in the end you will find that it is actually a very inexpensive and effective way to advertise.

IF you have the time and money, you can also advertise out in the world, not on the internet. This is something that you can do by way of posters, billboards, flyers and classified ads. The main idea is that you should find out where your prospects are going to be, and locate them, whether it is in the real world or whether it is online. Once you have located your customers, you can go ahead and start advertising in ways that they can understand, and with offers they can’t refuse!

How to make money through the power of your voice

How to Make Money Through the Power of Your Voice

Copyright (c) 2009 James Roche

Fact: You will sell more when people know, like and trust you.

Fact: People trust you when they feel connected to you.

Fact: Your voice can reach out and connect with people more powerfully than your written words.

The power of sound can’t be underestimated…especially in your marketing. Your voice tells a lot about who you are. When people hear your voice, they connect with you at a much deeper level than if they just read your words.

That’s why integrating audio into your marketing helps you convert more visitors to sales. I’m about to show you how to use your voice in your marketing to increase conversions, generate more sales and grow your list.

For all the ideas below I recommend you use an inexpensive service called Audio Acrobat. Here are the three key ways to leverage your voice to make-money:

1. Use Audio on Your Website Landing Page

Your website is your gateway to connect with people. But most entrepreneurs miss this huge opportunity to develop trust. Instead of a static, boring landing page why not add an audio message from you? It’s like welcoming people into your home — greet them with enthusiasm.

Ask yourself what the single most important objective is for your landing page. What do you want people to do? Because your landing page needs to direct people to take some sort of action, like signing up for your Ezine or Special Report. Here’s a sample of the message I use on my landing page.

«Hey there it’s James Roche, The Info Product Guy calling in from beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida and if you’re looking for information on how to create info products and a marketing strategy that makes you money, you are in the right place. I’d like to give you FREE instant access to a couple things here. The first is my free Special Report — it’s called «3 Simple Secrets to Creating Info Products that Make You Money.» And I also want to give you a FREE subscription to my bi-monthly ezine that I publish. It’s called, «Info Marketing (…without thinking too hard!)» It’s got tons of great tips and strategies for you and your business. Just enter your name and email in the boxes below and I’ll send you all the details within 5 minutes via email.

So fill that in and click the button that say’s «Claim my report now» and I will see you on the next page.

I’m looking forward to giving you information that will change your business and change your life.»

2. Record Your Client Coaching Calls

If you’re a coach or consultant you can record all your client sessions and offer it to them as an added bonus. It’s a huge value to your client because they don’t have to take as many frantic notes during the call. It’s good for you because you can now offer an info product customized for each unique client.

For this service I recommend, Audio Acrobat it’s easy to record calls. As you start the call, place your client on hold and dial into your Audio Acrobat account (You don’t need two phone lines.) After the call simply go online to your account and a link to download the phone call is sitting there waiting for you. Finally, email this link to your client — it takes less than 3 minutes total.

3. Deliver and Record Teleclasses to Make Info Products

Just like you can make custom info products for your individual clients, you can also make info products for everyone by recording your teleclasses. Use the same method as above, except this time use a group conference line. Deliver your teleclass and within minutes you have the audio ready for you to sell online. It’s so fun!

When delivering a teleclass I recommend you stand up. You want your energy up. In fact, if you exaggerate your voice to be extra happy…the amazing thing is, it sounds normal in the recording. (And likewise, if you sound normal on the teleclass, you’ll sound dull on the recording.)

The power of your voice can make-you-money…IF you know how to leverage your voice the right way. Break the cold, distant barrier of the internet and reach out to people with the warmth of your own voice. As a final resource for you, if you have the ability to edit your own audio recordings you can add music to the front and back of every call.

How to improve the look of your garage floor

How To Improve the Look of Your Garage Floor

Copyright (c) 2009 Michael Atma

When we think about concrete floors we tend to remember Dad’s garage floor — all gray and boring except for the oil spills where the automobile was parked. But with some imagination and the use of modern treatments for concrete, it is now a glamorous alternative to other types of contemporary flooring.

Concrete Polished is a suitable product for all types of applications. Domestic uses include patios, external courtyards, entertainment areas, rumpus rooms and garages, while in the commercial arena the uses are almost endless. Showrooms, restaurants, supermarkets, warehouses and factories, instead of using the traditional tiles/carpet combination, are discovering the delights of glistening polished concrete floors.

What are the advantages over traditional flooring?

Concrete is already one of the most widely used building materials, and can be customized to suit any environment. Once concrete is polished many other advantages become evident. It is:

— Hard wearing.
— Resistant to heat, UV rays and discoloration from oil and hydraulic fluid spills, tyre marks etc.
— Abrasion resistant — especially useful in industrial applications.
— Light reflective, thus creating a light and bright environment for work or play.
— Dust resistant, making it essential flooring for asthmatics and hay fever sufferers.
— Glossy without being slippery.
— Easy to clean — no rugs, mats or carpets to store dust and dirt.
— Extremely low maintenance — concrete polished once, just clean and forget.
— Energy efficient. It is cool in summer as the concrete absorbs ground moisture, keeping it cool — during the winter months, once heated the thermal mass retains heat for longer periods than other surfaces such as tiles ot timber.

How is polished concrete made?

When you take normal concrete and apply a special finishing process which results in a glossy sheen this is called ‘Polished Concrete’.

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of the area, and the condition of the concrete, it takes 3 to 4 days for a typical domestic application. Getting a great result for the new polished concrete floor is a bit like getting a great result when painting a house. It all depends on the preparation, and if the concrete is in good condition, the first day may be taken up diamond grinding to expose stone or salt and pepper look. Over the next two days expect to see uv polyurethane top coats with non slip if required.

For some minor disruption to the usual routine, the reward on the final day will be a glorious polished concrete floor — gleaming, clean, easy to maintain, very long wearing. and be the envy of family, friends and neighbors alike.

How to make money during summer without breaking a sweat

How to Make Money during Summer without Breaking a Sweat

Are you wondering about how to make money during summer without succumbing to the scorching heat? There are a lot of activities you can undertake without you having to run to and fro, working up a sweat and draining your energy.

Summer is a good season for people who have a lot of time in their hands and a good deal of techie know-how. If you are the type of person who enjoys messing around with your computer, you can actually channel something you enjoy into any number of money making ventures this summer without breaking into a sweat.

There are hundreds of thousands of earning opportunities that you can find on the Internet, and you can take advantages of these opportunities to earn some bucks. The good thing about it is that you can make money doing what you do best, wherever you are, as long as you have your computer with you. So you can sit in an air-conditioned room without having to worry about sweating out the season doing any manner of small odd jobs that to make money.

If you are a whiz at creating websites, there are many companies in your area who would be interested in hiring someone to maintain or create their websites for them. Having the advantage of youth and a lot of fresh ideas will only make you more in demand. There are also tons of online jobs such as data entry, writing jobs, and paid surveys that you can join to make extra money without sweating too much this season.