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How to maximize your trade show exhibit

How to Maximize Your Trade Show Exhibit

A trade show, also known as a merchandise show or market week, is an exhibition or a business gathering organized by companies that showcase and demonstrate their new products and services and also their latest offerings. Trade shows also provide opportunities for companies to meet their customers, to learn new trends and to identify new prospects.

Trade shows are not open to the public and can only be attended by company representatives, members of the trade and members of the press. One advantage of holding a trade show is that it shortens the time it takes for companies to look for prospective customers. But the major disadvantage is that customers and prospects pay little attention to the many exhibitors and their products due to the many distractions and the busy atmosphere inherent in trade shows.

Exhibitors can make effective use of trade show displays in trade shows to direct visitors to their main display area. Trade show displays are used to give visitors a better understanding or appreciation of the products or services being marketed. Although exhibitors are only supposed to put their trade show displays within the confines of their designated trade show exhibit area, exhibitors also display items in strategic areas of the fair grounds. Trade show displays often used include banner stands, counters and cabinets, panel display etc. that clearly display the company logo, basic company information and company slogan.

The trade show booth is an important component of the trade show display as it aims to enhance the brand and marketing experience for the visitor. It facilitates valuable direct face-to-face contact between the companies and their prospective customers. The whole booth set-up includes counters kiosks, lighting, flooring, literature racks, banner stands and high impact graphics, with the booth design, the staffing and the handouts the main factors to a successful trade show booth.

Many companies prefer to rent pre-owned trade show exhibits and displays rather than to buy or to create them from scratch to save on the trade show booth construction costs and also on the expense of warehousing the displays after the trade show is over.

Trade shows demand a lot of work and effort, and exhibitors have to plan well in advance so as to make the trade show a success. It is because any successful trade show offers exhibitors with a very valuable opportunity to build relationships face-to-face with their clients and to close lucrative business deals.

Importance of banners:

Importance of Banners:

A banner is a piece of cloth or plastic material that bears the sign of symbol, logo, slogan or any messages. Shortly a banner is called a flag and making banner is an ancient craft. In ancient days banners were carried on hands that displayed only the basic coat of arms. Today, we normally use three types of banners like custom banners, protesting banners and the web page banners that are mainly used for advertising purposes.

The custom banners are several meters long and made of cloth or any material that may be turned trough 90 degree or even square shaped. Important thing about the banners is its optimum position, only that brings many audience and maximum exposure. Normally banners are found in places of huge mass where many number of people visit frequently like exhibitions and in sports venues.

There are many types of banners available in the market for the purpose of advertising, but outdoor banners are the most commonly used. The full colored banners are often designed in an appealing way by using graphics and digital technology, which includes the photographs to display the product service.

The banner stand is the new way to introduce the banners to the public and this trend leaves the everlasting impression of the product to the public. The significance of a good banner is, the message written in simple and clear. Outdoor banners advertisements make people aware of the products and draws new clients to the business.

Custom Vinyl Banners:

In recent days vinyl banners are widely used to improve signs in a better way. Especially in the field of business, organization or a community the custom printed vinyl banners are used to advertise their products or events inexpensively.

Therefore the printed vinyl banners are affordable, easily accessible and can easily be seen by most people. Banner advertising is mostly used in web pages for advertising leading products in the market. Now a day’s teardrop banner and electronic banner boards are becoming popular at sport stadiums. Designing a banner is simple as it requires a little creativity in mind and the appropriate key words to be inserted in the banner.

The custom vinyl banners are normally made from durable vinyl and are made strong. When these vinyl banners, used in outdoors they stand upto the elements and makes the resemblance as if an indoor banner. In order to prevent the banners from ripping the edges are folded and hemmed. The banners hanging are placed with metal grommets at all four corners and stays best fixed for an excellence snap. Hence the outdoor vinyl banners printing ensure a durable quality that ever lasts in any environment. The printed vinyl banners used in birthdays, welcome party or sports of different sizes are designed and manufactured by well experienced employees to deliver durable eye catching images for indoor or outdoor use. The machineries involved in banner manufacturing are equipped to print lot of things including Rubber banner, PVC Sheet Banners, Cloth Banners and Paper Banners and thus operated by two persons.

Implementing photo id badges for improved security

Implementing Photo Id Badges For Improved Security

Photo ID systems have some very good points. They can provide positive identification and it is quite easy to create a system that clearly presents a variety of information quickly and cleanly. They come in a wide variety of costs and capabilities, from simple plastic badges that cost pennies each and with nothing but ink on them to badges costing many dollars with encoded magnetic keys imbedded.

Photo ID systems have some weaknesses as well. It is extremely easy for badges to be lost or otherwise get out of control, and it is a constant struggle to ensure that pictures are actually checked instead of glanced at.

The first part of the process as someone goes to get a badge is to gather the information. Having the person who will get the badge to fill out a form is the usual procedure. Next, the picture must be taken and the data entered into the database of the system that creates the badge. Then the printer spits out a new badge and the newly authorized person is given the quick class on taking care of the badge.

In the specific case of a school, this implies children will be likely to go through the process, which will tend to be more awkward as a result. Ensuring that all personnel to be badged have their paperwork and it is correctly filled out will be more difficult, as will scheduling times for pictures to be taken that will result in minimal disruption. It is also quite possible that lost badges will occur more often.

Badges should, at a minimum, show a picture and an identification number. It is highly recommended that the badges show an expiration date and might show a name or other information depending on the requirements and privacy concerns. Badges should be designed to be easy to identify and classify, but difficult to copy.

The most common systems have a computer that is physically isolated, that it, it is not part of a network or on the internet. This is to protect the database from compromise. It has a camera and badge printer attached. The worker using the system should be experienced enough to troubleshoot the process as heavy use will tend to cause each system to develop some quirks. The database is important for several reasons, not least to allow the supervisors to track how many badges have been issued and how many are no longer accounted for.

Loss of a percentage of the badges to be determined by those planning the system would be grounds to recall and replace all badges with a new design. The most common systems cost a few thousand dollars and will allow users to create new badges using common graphics programs or power point. It is also good to secure a supply of all needed components, as I have found occasional lag time between ordering some needed supply and arrival, though I was rather out of the way at the time. Normally, the specialized badge printer will be bundled with a suitable program, though a computer and camera will seldom come with the system. While you may be tempted to scrounge an old computer, remember that the database is going to grow and it is important not to have a machine that will be unable to do the job, whether immediately or six months later.

How to select a professional web, graphics and sign designing company

How to Select A Professional Web, Graphics and Sign Designing Company

Online presence has become mandatory for all businesses because of the ever-increasing popularity of the internet. New innovations such as blogging, tweeting, and social networking have revolutionized the concept of online marketing. Owning a website has become a necessity – a basic requirement, not a thing to boast about.

As there are a number of websites competing with each other to grab the users’ attention, the design of the website has to be elegant and visually pleasing. How can one find a good web design company from a large number of competitors? If you own a business and would like to be online as well, you can find excellent options for professional graphic design and web design.

The following tips would help you in selecting a good and reliable web design company that employs professional web designers.

Check The Company Website

There are many things that one can learn from the website of a web design company. You can find the websites of web design companies in your local area by searching the internet with some simple keyword phrases such as «Houston graphic designer» or «small business website design Houston». You will find a number of websites. Take time to check and analyze the design of each and every website. Select the ones whose websites you find most suitable to your ideas or the ones that you like the most.

Check The Portfolio

Most of the websites will have a portfolio page. It contains details of the websites designed by the company. It is better that you visit all the websites listed there. If the designs of a particular web design company are consistently good, then you can proceed to contact the company.

Web Design Versus Graphic Design

One has to check the services offered by the company. Is it just a web design company alone or does it offer both web-design and graphic-design services? If you run a business, it is better you select a company that offers both web-design and graphic-design services – more so if you run a small or medium business or if you are planning to start a new business. You will need a company logo, business signs, brochures, and business cards, apart from a neatly designed website. A company that has expertise in both web designing and graphic designing can function as a one-stop shop for your design needs. Selecting such a company is both time saving and cost effective.

Technical Aspects

Once you have made a short list of graphic designers and web design companies, you have to enquire about certain technical aspects. For web design, it is important to get a complete picture of web hosting and other marketing support activities such as search engine optimization and online marketing. Some companies offer free web hosting for the first year.

You also need to check whether you will get the copyright of the design and content of the website. Different web design companies have different practices in this aspect. From the customer point of view, it is always better to own the rights of your website and other company designs.


Never pay in full in advance. It is in fact better not to pay anything in advance till you see the first proofs. If you pay in advance, and you do not like any of the designs, then you may not get the advance back, even if you do not use the designs. You should pay an advance only if you like the first proofs.

How image editing companies like sbl faced new year

How Image Editing Companies Like Sbl Faced New Year

New Year has arrived with new hopes slowly germinating from the debris of last year’s shock of economic recession that has shaken the world with its raging flames.

Though the fiery hands has mildly stretched and touched SBL, we have managed to rise up imbibing the spirit of the phoenix because the foundations of SBL are built not with stones, but with untiring endeavours of its people, the SBL fraternity. We, at SBL, nourish the moral fiber in all our staff that is stronger than strength itself.


SBL has a strong foothold in the IT enabled outsourcing industry with its services ranging from GIS, Graphics, Software and BPO. With leading edge technology and innovative solutions, we deliver results that exceed the expectations of our clients round the globe.


SBL Geomatics, the GIS division, with its timely technological updations, is smoothly running in track providing accurate and judicious geospatial services and solutions to the clients. Queries on digital mapping, photogrammetry, remote sensing, network analysis and CAD have been skillfully dealt with by our experienced professionals.


SBL Graphics, our image editing division, houses a pack of experienced image editors, who deal with all the image editing works such as clipping path and image masking to photo manipulation, photo restoration and 360 degree panoramic creation. Quality is the hallmark of our graphics division.


SBL Software, our software division, is experienced in IT consulting and development services to offer suitable solutions to support the software needs of external and internal business units. Using cutting edge technologies and methodologies, our analysis and development is performed with changing business needs in mind.


SBL BPO, our BPO division, with its offshore services provides its clientele with an untiring support of dedicated business personnel, sound infrastructure, and innovative technology. KPO, Data processing, Transcription, LPO, Engineering, Document management, Back Office services, Video and Audio Tagging Services being our main services, SBL also caters to other outsourcing services like, Web Designing, Insurance outsourcing, Accounting and Real Estate outsourcing.


The recent financial chaos could slow down some of the outsourcing efforts in the short-term and might even continue to make a negative impact on some providers. But in the long run, outsourcing industry will climb uphill as clients round the globe strive to reduce operating costs, avoid unnecessary investments for new technologies and facilities, concentrate on more strategic and core business activities, and leverage their increasing supply of efficient global resources.


SBL and its outsourcing services has now become recession-proof and our outsourcing services help our clientele to improve performance in up markets, to reduce costs in down markets and to remain competitive.


Though businesses still go through challenges with their outsourcing endeavours, in general, the results have met or exceeded expectations which has facilitated outsourcing to become an obvious business tool regardless of the economic and market conditions.


Article by Rarima.N.S